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The world is full of wonder for a child, and most of them seem to have no fear when it comes to things that could pose potential threat to their wellbeing. At 411 Safety Shop & Training, they advocate for the education and practice of child safety in Windsor Heights, IA. They have helped many parents and child care providers create a safe environment for children of all ages, through great products and child safety courses.

411 Safety Shop & Training offers constulting to make their homes or child care centers a safer place. They offer specialty products such as first aid kits in a variety of sizes, CPR barriers and specialty child safety products to help you succesfully child proof your home or child care center.

411 Safety Shop & Training offers certifications for healthcare and child care providers in the form of CPR training, first aid training and several other highly informative safety courses as well as non-certified courses for grandparents and parents.

They are the go-to destination in Windsor Heights, IA for child safety products and courses, and they can help you child-proof your home or business, so you are ready in case of an emergency. Their instructor boasts an impressive resume of over 25 years of service to child safety, and she can help you and your staff to be proactive in saving a child’s life. Touch base with the knowledgeable staff members at 411 Safety Shop & Training to have your home or business professionally child-proofed.

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