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Knowing what to do in case of an emergency is a valuable life skill. 411 Safety Shop & Training in Windsor Heights, IA can provide you with the tools and the training that you need. They have many high-quality first aid products for sale and offer both certification and non-certification courses in first aid. These courses provide parents, care givers, child care providers, service industry employees and first responders with valuable training in basic first aid skills under the American Heart Association's guidelines.

Their general first aid course teaches the basics of adult first aid training, how to handle different types of medical emergencies, what to do in case of an emergency involving different types of injuries and what to do in order to ensure safety during environmental emergencies. This course is a great option for employees in many industries.

411 Safety Shop & Training also offers a pediatric first aid course that is the perfect option for parents, grandparents, older siblings, educators, child care providers, and many others. The purpose of this course is to educate people on how to provide lifesaving first aid skills to an ill or injured child or infant during those first few critical minutes until help arrives. This first aid course covers subjects, such as locating the injury, stopping bleeding, proper bandaging techniques, how to use an epinephrine pen, and how to remain calm in emergency situations involving a child or infant.

To learn more about their great first aid products or to sign up for a first aid training course, connect with 411 Safety Shop & Training in Windsor Heights, IA. They will provide you with all of the tools and knowledge needed to provide lifesaving first aid skills to an adult, child, or infant.

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